Awards of Excellence 2018
rand* construction corporation
The Terrace Theater, John F. Kennedy Center

The Terrace Theater, John F. Kennedy Center
Award of Excellence
Best Renovation

Project Team

Kennedy Center - (Owner)
Quinn Evans Architects - (Architect)
rand* construction corporation - (General Contractor)

Executive Summary

The project required extensive coordination of a highly complex design that required integrating multiple vendors into the subcontractor’s workscopes. The demolition included the complete removal of the existing slab with a new pour for the new seating area. The new concrete required all new structural steel to support new seating slab curved to specific radiuses and set to specific elevations. The balconies required new steel added to the existing structure and cantilevered out over the auditorium with curved faces to support balcony walls and millwork panels. The concrete risers had an integral concrete colored seating slab throughout the auditorium. Each row had dedicated curved risers with a specific radius. The curved profile of the risers tie into other risers with differing radiuses requiring precise formwork to ensure seamless transitions between slabs for the balconies.

Scaffolding had to be erected to deliver the workscopes on the ceilings, walls, and balconies. The platform was built over the auditorium in two phases to accommodate demolition and new construction. Furthermore, the platform had to be modified three times to accommodate the flow of construction of the ceiling elements from the back of the auditorium to the front stage. The workflow required constant communication and coordination to break-up the workscopes into sub-phases and ensure sub-phase completion prior to breaking down and modifying the rigging so that work could be continued. The scaffolding also had to accommodate the material hoist and stairwell for access. Separate scaffolding structures were built to work above the new two-level lobby staircases and on the balconies for millwork installation.

Acoustical Performance and Sound Attenuation were vital to the operational performance of the space. Acoustical shell towers were required to be built in eight sections and connected to create the “shell” enclosure that enveloped the stage. Two sets of ceiling reflector panels are rigged to raise/lower to different elevations over the stage for custom acoustics for each performance. They can raise/lower the two end panels on each set to provide multiple configurations in conjunction with the shell towers and proscenium sliding walls and header. Four separate operable acoustic and house curtain systems are integrated to the auditorium ceiling as well as four flying acoustic banners that service the acoustical functionality of the space. The project is highlighted by the custom millwork package that required precise integration with the concrete risers and partition installations. Over 500 custom undulating acoustic wall panels, balcony panels, and cross aisle panels were installed throughout auditorium cladding the radial concrete risers and partitions. The auditorium also features custom sliding proscenium walls and moveable proscenium headers to allow for flexibility in stage performances determined by the performance classification. Wood paneling at the lobby staircase, auditorium railings, and curved balconies required the mock-ups to be installed with temporary materials to ensure the shop-built custom panels fit perfectly in the field.

The Terrace Theater, John F. Kennedy Center


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